Fort Greene and Williamsburg Aug 17 & 18

Please type on me
bonjours tout le monde
hello my name is sherlock
como estas
I was born in newton massachusetts in a beautiful colonial house on beacon street
hey there i’m laden
hello hi you’re here
This is the beginning
this is my brain on a typewriter
wait did I just say that out loud?
look at me type on a typewriter
how do you do
the cake is a lie it makes you fat
hi there
greatest typewriter i want one
this is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country
hi lion it is really nice to see you here
He is the smartest in his class.
But class hasn’t started yet.
he is going to be a third grader
He is super amazing …………..
je suis amoureuse anthony casagrande
i seem old school
andrea wood was here
bryan was here
jesus loves you
morris and gladys
evelyn valerio
Good Morning Brooklyn!
hi how are you
leigh is cool
this is a test.
i would make one hell of a secretary
caroline is super cool
I LOVE Davide a lot
i love me and thomas
Astrid was here and andrea too
i love this typewriter
travel thoughts
hello simone
morris is my daddy
this is a typewriter
i have always wanted to try this
quoth the raven nevermore
Don’t you want to add something?
hello hello this is lois
hey how are you
how can you better understand life than by at once trying the experiment of living
julia and annie were here
i love you jfh
lupi is my lady
parvenu and khilna do new york
hi, this is Jimmy and miao
hi. my name is sARAH
i love my baby boy
ich liebe new York
hello i’m writing
ja richtig cool ist da
oh man hallo
eine schreibmaschine
bonjours my name is leo i,m french
got ditched by a …. french guy …
hello from giulia and emiliano
I love it when you type on me!!
Hello beverley
Hello There lol
Las chicas estuvieron aca muy contentas
timmy was here
hello brian
holar rimette est passee par
Michael and Gustavo were here!
hi i like cats
jenny and aleksei were here
Hi, i,m from rome
matt was here
lou-anais i,m the best
hello how are you jenna
ella and ava
old stuff is good
i love ny
elina sucks heehee hello elina how are you
i want to buy this typewriter
hello how are you
hello astrid
peter we were here
to the beginning was very similar
tonto to the end
rokni was here 2013
billie and josh
you look nice hi
This is a Remington
i love butts
hello, my name is Jonathon and I am from the City of Montreal
salut est français
Hello from Western Germany
red black
hello travel thoughts
happy zany gleeful ecstatic joyful
more synonyms? blissful
how can you better understand life than by at once trying the experiment
Hello!! so smooooth
hello i dislike my mother for not keeping her typewriter
thats what i’m saying
here do i obtain
i love you rg
I am at brooklyn
tatiana is the best, renee is second
this is your brain on drugs
Hello Brooklyn!!
the brown dog jumped over the 99c
go denmark
playing with words
happy families
i was here
taiwan hey my name is ponyo
n has the answer
pedaling dedaling breeze and wisps with dana
the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog is back
whitney vickie and nanny
duda loves sophie
type ex good condition
hola jessy como estas i love US
i miss you bb i love you
This is the time for all good men to come to their country
Please take me home!
Um, but pay for me first 🙂
my name is Natalie
I love you I love you too
the brown fox jumped over
my name is ankijanki hello
I want come back home in ROME
taylor swift sucks
hello : ) i love you

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